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How to Use a Cold Saw


The cold saw is a versatile machine that can be used to cut practically any steel, stainless, or aluminum metal material including tubes, pipes, angles, and flat bar. It provides high cut quality and accuracy, it doesn’t require much manual force when cutting, and there isn’t much mess to clean when you’re done. Put all that together and it’s not hard to see why this is one of the most popular tools in our shop. In this video, our Safety Rep I, Anthony will teach you how to use this machine safely and efficiently. Enjoy! #ASCHowTo #ASCSafety

TCT Chop Saw vs. Cold Saw Pros and Cons -


In this video, Brycen explains the differences and uses of TCT (tungsten carbide tip) Chop Saws vs a traditional Cold Saw. TCT saws are sometimes referred to as dry cut saws or cold saws but a TCT saw spins at a much faster rate (1500 rpm) whereas the cold saw turns as slow as 22 rpm and uses a flood coolant. See the Fein Slugger Chop Saw here: 🤍 See the Dake 315 cold saw here: 🤍 Sales🤍 1.877.VAN.SANT

Baileigh Industrial CS-350M Manual Cold Saw


The Baileigh Industrial CS-350M cold saw is an 14" industrial cold cut saw that will last years in any metal shop. Please visit 🤍 for more information and complete specs

KAKA Industrial Metal Cutting Circular Cold Saw


1. Easy manual press 2. Quick adjusting vise for angular cuts the saw frame swivels 3. Two different blade speed 4. Vice complete with anti-burr device 5. Movable head 45° right and left 6. Reduction unit in an oil bath 7. Membrane pump for coolant, can prolong the service life of the saw blade and improve the precision of the workpiece. 8. 24V volts low voltage installation withhold to run had control knob 9. The HSS saw blade of our circular saw is highly efficient and durable. 10. The double clamp structure can quickly clamp materials and rotate 45°from side to side for cutting. 11. Double speed motor for CS-12, with low noise, can slow down through worm and gear. 12. The safety hood of the saw blade opens or closes according to the cutting needs, making it safe.

JET Cold Saws: demo by Bryan Fuller


JET Cold Saws deliver precise, burr-free cuts and easy miters without sparks or generating heat. Available as a floor cold saw or as a freestanding cold saw, these saws have a reliable coolant system to keep them running in optimal condition. Learn more about products: 🤍

Cutting big and small steel with the Fein Slugger Cold Saw


Slugger cold saw cutting demonstration. This thing cuts so good. No more melted metal, burned fingers, or wandering abrasive disks.

The Ultimate Guide To Metal Cutting Saws. From Hobby to Pro!


In this video I give you a comprehensive run down on metal cutting saws. Ill go through inexpensive consumer grade saws, all the way up to pro level shop saws. Ive used every type of saw on the market, and every one has its purpose. If you are looking to start, or expand on your metal working, knowing whats out there can be a huge advantage! I got most of my professional level saws used, and saved thousands of dollars of retail prices. If you're interested in some great tool deals, check out my Patreon where I am sharing tool deals I find online exclusively with subscribers! 🤍 00:00 - Intro 1:12 - Chop Saws 7:15 - Circular Saws 10:00 - Cold Saws 13:29 - Porta Band (Vertical) 15:38 - Porta Band 17:12 - Vertical Metal Bandsaw 18:30 - Benchtop Horiztonal Bandsaw 20:51 - Large Horizontal Bansaws 24:14 - Conclusion See below to links to the products used in this video. As an amazon affiliate I earn from qualifying purchases. Abrasive Cutoff Saw: 🤍 M18 Metal Cutting Circular Saw: 🤍 M18 Cordless Portaband 🤍 $150 Porta Band 🤍 Swag Offroad Bandsaw Table: 🤍 Wen Benchtop Horiztonal Bandsaw 🤍 Metal Cutting Circular Saw (Small) 🤍 Metal Cutting Circular Saw (Large) 🤍 14” Carbide Tipped Chop Saw 🤍 Jet 14" Vertical Metal Cutting Bandsaw 🤍 14” Cold Saw 🤍 Baileigh BS350M Bandsaw 🤍 Check out the Lincoln Electric Power Mig 140MP, great for the home shop, Mig, TIG, and Stick in 1 machine! → 🤍 Thank you to Pferd abrasives for supporting my shop and my channel. For links to some of the grinding discs I use most see below: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. → Flap disc: 🤍 → Inside corner disc (AMAZING): 🤍 → Wire Wheel: 🤍 Thanks for watching! Be careful, know the limits of your skills and your tools! Don't try this stuff at home! Like and Subscribe for more videos and check out our Instagram 🤍 To help support Make Everything and this channel become a Patron: 🤍 For Make Everything T-shirts, hats and other products check out our website: 🤍 We teach classes in woodworking and welding here at the shop, if your interested see the current schedule here. 🤍 For PDFs of some of our project check out our profile on Instructables: 🤍 Below are some links to tools I use in the shop on a daily basis. Starbond CA Glue: 🤍 As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. → Bosch Miter Saw ( My Favorite miter saw) 🤍 → Sawstop Table Saw: 🤍 → Wen Tabletop Metalcutting Bandsaw 🤍 → Articulated Vise: 🤍 → Bosch Portable Bandsaw ( 18V) 🤍 → Porter Cable Restorer: 🤍 → Lincoln 120V Welder ( good for a home shop) 🤍 → The Camera I use: 🤍 → The Tripod I use: 🤍

Cold Saw Tips Tricks and Hacks for your Dry Cut Steel Chop Saw


In this video I’m going to show you some of the best tips, tricks and hacks for getting the most out of your metal cutting cold saw. Here are the links to the to the items I used in this video. 2 pack of line lasers 🤍 9mm laser mount🤍 Battery box with switch 🤍 CRL blade lubricating wax🤍 All music used in this video is open license from Apple iMovie files.

TFS: 3 Metal Cutting Saws Tested and Compared


Evosaw380 vs. Dewalt abrasive chop saw vs. KAMA EV996 Bandsaw. Which one will make the cut? We'll find out! Ready to Weld Practice Metal 🤍 Tools & Gear We Use and Recommend 🤍 Learn to TIG Weld in Our Class! 🤍 Subscribe to The Fabrication Series for MORE! Check out the website: 🤍 Like: 🤍 Follow: IG 🤍The.Fabricator 🤍

JET Manual Ferrous Cold Saw Model# CS-275


The JET manual ferrous cold saw uses a 275mm blade to cut through solid steel. With a powerful 1.5 HP electric motor and 2 cutting speeds (54 & 108 RPM), the saw is ideal for cutting pipes and bars and is also capable of slotting. Order yours online by visiting 🤍 ✔️Subscribe: 🤍 Connect with us on other platforms! Like us on Facebook: 🤍 Follow us on Instagram: 🤍 Check us out on Twitter: 🤍 Watch us on TikTok: 🤍 Find us on Pinterest: 🤍

How to use a Cold Saw correctly - Metalwork


In this video, you will see me demonstrating the safest way to use the metal cutting Cold Saw. This saw is 'cold' as it uses fluid/coolant to remove the heat away from both the blade and the material.

CS-350 Cold Saw review



Tool Time Tuesday - Makita LC1230 Cold Cut Metal Chop Saw


Official Simple Little Life video of: Tool Time Tuesday - Makita LC1230 Cold Cut Metal Chop Saw. Just picked this saw up and filmed the very first cut. This thing is amazing! You can find this on my Amazon affiliate link: 🤍 Subscribe to Simple Little Life: 🤍 Watch More Simple Little Life: 🤍 Follow Simple Little Life: Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Follow Homestead Knives: Facebook: 🤍 Official Website: 🤍 Knife Store: 🤍 Watch More Simple Little Life: Latest Uploads: 🤍 Popular Videos: 🤍 Knife Making: 🤍 DIY: 🤍 About Simple Little Life: This channel has sort of turned (inadvertently) into a knife making channel. But the original idea behind what we wanted it to be is this description below: Videos on our journey to homesteading. With a recent purchase of a little piece of the Alberta prairie, we're looking to sell our nice suburban home in search of a more meaningful life beyond chasing the "American dream" working for some big company and making someone else rich. It's not about the money, it's about getting the most value from the work I do to improving the life of my family. Some preparedness, DIY, building quality things with your hands, guns, gear, and outdoor exploration.

Dake Super Cut 315 Manual Cold Saw -


See it here: 🤍 The best cold saws in the business all have one thing in common - the Dake name. The Dake Super Cut 315 Manual Cold Saw is a cast iron cold saw that has a head that can rotate 45 degrees right and left of center for miter cuts. Dake's industry leading dependability is achieved using an oversized spindle that features a splined steel shaft and heavy duty bronze gear that is supported with tapered roller bearings. Operator use of the saw is made easier with adjustable hinged pivot, a quick cam-activated vise with gib adjustment and anti-burr arm. A mechanical coolant pump with flow control adjustment and a rugged fabricated steel base are also standard. Warranty: 1 year manufacturer's warranty Sales🤍 1.877.VAN.SANT

Scotchman CPO 350 Manual Cold Saw and Accessories -


Cold Saw & Accessories Product Link: 🤍 The Scotchman CPO 350 Manual Cold Saw provides clean, straight, burr-free cuts; easy miter cuts; and safe operation without sparks or heat. Miter cuts and slotting operations are no problem with a head will rotate up to 90 degrees left or right. Miter locking pins at 45 degrees left, 45 degrees right and 90 degrees provide positive, fast angle selection. Burr-free cuts are easily achieved, with the double self-centering vise. These rugged machines are made to last with a hardened and ground bronze worm gear and a hardened and ground wheel gear will provide years of trouble-free service. Low Turn (LT) speed saws are designed to be used with thick wall or solid materials. High Turn (HT) speed saws are designed to be used with thin wall or non-ferrous materials. Single Speed (SS) saws are used when 220 volt, 1 phase power is the only available power option. Variable Speed saws allow the user a wide range of cutting speeds maximize speed selection for different cutting applications. A wide range of applications from small shops to large manufacturing facilities can depend on this saw for years to come. Sales🤍 1.877.VAN.SANT

BROBO WALDOWN Cold Saw - Overview


🤍 BROBO WALDOWN Cold Saws For more information on this machine, please visit: Hare and Forbes Machineryhouse Sydney: (02) 9890 9111 Melbourne: (03) 9212 4422 Brisbane: (07) 3715 2200 Perth: (08) 9373 9999 🤍 Machineryhouse - NZ Auckland: (09) 2717 234 🤍

Cold Saw, CS-225M, Baileigh Industrial


🤍 This Bench Top Circular Cold Saw can miter 45 degrees left making it perfect for miter cuts on roll cages, hand railing, and much more. The cutting head has a powerful 1-hp motor that requires 110 volts of 60 hertz power to turn the 225mm (9) blade at 50 rpm. This is the perfect cold saw to take to job sites due to its power requirement and size. To conduct a cut simply place the material in the self centering vise and clamp the material. Pressing the trigger switch starts the blade turning and the coolant system. Pull the cutting head down into the material until the cut is complete, at which point you would release the trigger switch to stop the blade and coolant system, returning the head the return position. Like all Baileigh circular cold saws this machine is in stock for quick deliveries. For further information regarding this item or any other machine, please call your Baileigh representative.

Best cold cut metal chop saw? 200+ Cuts - Makita LC1230 vs DeWalt DW872 - Burton Builds


Review and Test Cut - Makita metal cutting chop saw - LC1230 Cold Cut Chop Saw Burton Builds S04E23 In this video, we unbox, review and test the Makita LC1230 cold cut metal chop saw... including making over 200 test cuts. Material that was cut: 50 x 50 x 5mm Angle section mild steel 20 x 5mm flat section mild steel 12 x 12 square section mild steel 20 x 6mm flat section mild steel 38 x 1.6mm diameter mild steel tube Makita LC1230 cold cut saw 🤍 DeWalt DW 872 cold cut saw 🤍 If you are interested in the Abrasive chop saw - 🤍 Or this Evolution Cold Cut Saw also seems to be a popular choice 🤍 2x48" Belt Grinder build 🤍 My initial impressions are that the machine is well built and I really like the cast aluminium base. The saw cuts straight and true and impressively fast (compared to an abrasive chop saw). Hopefully it holds up over time and hard use. As for the mess it makes, it makes far less mess than an abrasive chop saw however it does still make somewhat of a mess. Most of the steel chips are distributed around the saw but there are many pieces that end up bouncing in all directions, even up to 2m away, so just keep this in mind. I think I may end up making some sort of 'chip shield'. THANKS FOR WATCHING... if you LIKE the video, please give it a thumbs up. = Patreon & Pay Pal = If you wish to support the channel monetarily, please use the links below: Patreon - 🤍 Pay Pal - 🤍 Any support will be much appreciated. = Soundtracks from Epidemic Sound (Referral link below) 🤍 GEAR USED IN THIS VIDEO: 📷 Camera: Sony A6400 🤍 🔭 Lens: Sony 18 - 105mm f/4 G OSS 🤍 🔭 Lens: Sigma 16mm f/1.4 🤍 🎙 Wireless Mic: RODE Wireless Go II 🤍 💻 Laptop for editing: 🤍 🎧 Headphones: 🤍 Please help support the channel by purchasing through my Amazon Affiliate links above and below. When you do, I earn a small commission which helps keep the channel going and you don't pay anything extra. Equipment I use in other videos: 🎧 Audio Recorder: 🤍 🔭 Lens: Sigma 30mm f/1.4 🤍 🔭 Lens: Sony 10 - 18mm f/4.0 OSS 🤍 🎙 Mic: RODE Video Mic Pro+ 🤍 🎙 Mic: RODE NTG5 🤍 🎙 Mic: Sennheiser E835 🤍 🎙 Mic: RODE Smart Lav+ (x2) 🤍 🎙 Backup Mic: Rode Video Micro 🤍 - Camera: GoPro Hero 5 - Camera: iPhone 11 - Lighting: Burton Built LED studio lighting #Makita #burtonbuilds #DeWalt

Baileigh industrial CS-225M Portable Cold Cut Saw Coldsaw


For more information on this machine, please visit: 🤍

Cutting carbon steel on an automatic cold saw


Dake Euromatic 370PP Automatic Cold Saw These Automatic Euromatic Cold Saws feature 2 removable surface wear plates, and have a minimum 6” remnant drop piece size. They also have a head that rotates 45º right of center and up to 90º left of center. They also feature a manual oiler, three gib guides, a 3.5 HP motor or 4.5 HP motor, large automatic clamping vise, a self-adjusting metal chip brush, and a self-adjusting gripper-type feeder vise. Visit the link below to try it yourself… 🤍 Established in 1968 Penn Tool Co., started out as a small hardware store on Market Street in Newark NJ. Back then there was plenty of business in that section of NJ, which served many of the manufacturing companies located there at the time. As time changed the industry slowly left town and Penn Tool Co., also changed the way it did business and the type of tooling that was sold. Rather than depend on walk in traffic over the counter, Penn Tool Co., moved out of that area of NJ and relocated in Maplewood NJ. The focus was now on producing a paper catalog listing the product lines sold and sending it out by mail all over the United States. This greatly opened up the product line and also increased the customer base tremendously. Precision Measuring Tools were listed in the catalog from the best in the industry like Mitutoyo, Brown & Sharpe, Fowler High Precision, SPI Swiss Precision Instruments, Interapid, Starrett, Flexbar, Mahr Federal, igaging, Asimeto, Meyer Gage Company, and many more. Being that Penn Tool Co., was now more of a catalog company rather than a traditional brick and mortar store it was now able to really expand the product line to include basically anything that the Metalworking Industry could need for manufacturing. Machinery such as Lathes and Milling Machines could now be sold and sent anywhere in the country. Penn Tool Co., lists many of the top machinery for Metal Manufacturing like Birmingham Machinery, Baileigh Industrial, Acra Machinery Inc, Jet Tools, Rong Fu Machinery, Kalamazoo Industries, Scotchman Industries, Hydmech, Dake Machinery, Palmgren, Woodward Fab and many more. Workholding Tools were listed by the top companies in that industry like Kurt Industrial Products, Suburban Tool, BISON-BIAL, Aloris Tool, Vertex Machinery Works, TMX Workholding Solutions, Noga Engineering, Accurate Mfg Products Group and Kant Twist Clamp. All of these tools need a place to be stored and the first choice for any machinist is Kennedy Manufacturing. Their Tool Storage Products are the best around and still manufactured in the United States. Something that is very rare these days. These Tool Boxes can be made to order and the customer can select the color from a list of over ten choices. It's most famous color and the one they are best known for is the Brown Wrinkle Color. Penn Tool Co., today sells many advanced tooling for such as Renishaw Styli for touch probes. We are even carrying Motorola Two-Way Radios so large companies can communicate with each other throughout the manufacturing plant without picking up the phone. Penn Tool Co., sells a multitude of Industrial Tooling for Industrial Production. With over 250,000 products listed for sale on the website Penn Tool Co., will certainly have anything today's machinist will need to assist with any project big or small. Guaranteed Lowest Prices Satisfaction Guaranteed - If for any reason our products do not meet your expectations, return them. Complete refund or credit will be issued for unused and unmarked items returned within 10 days of receipt. Defective items will be either replaced or repaired. Price Protection - Penn Tool Co will NOT BE UNDERSOLD. You will not see our advertised products at a lower price or we will refund or credit the difference. All claims must be made within 30 days of purchase. Proof of claim is required. At Penn Tool Co we work hard to make sure that each time you purchase a tool, you are completely satisfied.To us, complete customer satisfaction means: *Today’s most Technologically Advanced Tools necessary to meet demanding production and quality control requirements. *Competitively priced. Penn Tool Co prides itself on keeping our price low without sacrificing quality. *Prompt courteous service. Our customer service representatives are fully trained. Product knowledge and commitment to customer service guarantees that your order is processed the same day you place it. Even with customer service and price protection at the top of our complete customer satisfaction list, we know you want more. Our extensive inventory is yet another way to keep you satisfied. Our large selection of inventory lets us fill your order immediately and at a completion rate that is extremely high in our industry. #fabrication #metalworking #machinist

Dake Model 250 Cold Saw: Quick Assembly, Blade Change, and Helpful Tips


In this video, we take a look at how to quickly assemble a model 250 cold saw, properly change your blade, and include some helpful tips along the way. This video can also apply to models 350 CE and 315. Explore the Model 250 Cold Saw: 🤍 ► Call us for more information at 1-800-937-3253 ►Instagram: 🤍 ►Facebook: 🤍




Brobo Cold Saw Metal Cutting


Brobo Cold Saw - Australian Made to conform to Australian Occupational Health & Safety Standards. Please visit 🤍 for more information.

cold saw - 1 (eisele vms 300)


Отрезной станок eisele vms 300 часть 1.

Scotchman Cold Saw CPO 350


Scotchman® Industries’ American-made, CPO 350 Circular Cold Saw features a double clamping and self-centering vise that provides burr-free, high quality, volume parts. This saw has 135° mitering ability and a miter-locking device that stops at 45° left, 90º straight, and 45° right. Additional features include a chip drawer, a double reduction gearbox, and a two-speed motor which utilizes up to a 14” diameter blade giving it a 4-7/8” OD round capacity. This machine is dependable and versatile with a 3-Year Warranty! The optional laser saw guide can increase your productivity and operator efficiency. This industrial grade laser light minimizes set-up time and ensures the material is being sawed to the correct length and squareness by helping the operator see the line marked for cutting. Phone: 605-859-2542 Website: 🤍 Find out more about our products here: 🤍 Subscribe and read our blog here: 🤍 See customer testimonials here: 🤍 Like on Facebook: 🤍 Follow us on Twitter: 🤍

Baileigh Industrial CS-475AV Automatic Cold Saw Cutoff Saw Chop Saw Cutting Automated


For more information about this machine, please visit: 🤍

Metal Chop Saw (Cold Saw) Use and Safety (DW872)


This is the MakeHaven badging video for the Dewalt Metal Chop Saw, with Shop Manager Lior Trestman.

pipe cutting machine cold saw cutting machine#pipecuttingmachine #pipecutting #tubecutting


pipe cutting machine cold saw cutting machine,Square tube batch cutting, high efficiency whatsapp:+8615370358027 Email:claytonjiangsu🤍

【China】Double blade flying cold saw for Tube mill unit


We are the manufacture of cold saw for tube mill line cutting. We can sell the saws to you directly. We can promise the best quality and better price. There are many sets of our cold saw all over the world.We are in China, we also can supply the best overseas service. flyingsaw🤍

Cold saw


Cold saw is a new on-line cutting technology in the welded pipe industry. The main feature is that it adopts the principle of cold milling. After cutting, the pipe end is flat without burr, and the application with high processing requirements does not need to be cut twice. In addition, because of the servo follow-up fixed length tracking technology, the cutting length accuracy is higher than that of the ordinary flying saw. In the production process, dust and noise pollution are obviously reduced. • Maggie Ding • WRD High Tech Co., LTD General Manager Overseas Business Sales Tianjin Office China • Phone: +86-13752728312 • Email: maggie🤍

Thomas Cold Saw restoration



SA 115NC Cold Saw Bar & Tube Cutting


Cold Saw Cutting Machines for Bar

Cold saw on a hot afternoon


Chewing through metal without a care in the world. #fabrication #steel #metal #saw #working

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