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My wife likes chicken coop combined with growing organic vegetables | Mini budget ideas


With the chicken coop combined with growing organic vegetables, you can raise chickens and utilize the natural fertilizer that the chickens deposit to enrich an organic vegetables garden. Moreover, raising chickens combined with growing organic vegetables balances the ecosystem. Watch the full video and learn tips on how to DIY chicken coop combined with growing organic vegetables at home. Materials: cement, sand, screw, wood bar, stapler gun, welded wire mesh, straw, electric cutting machine, ceramic tiles, hinge - Please press Subscribe to update the latest videos and leave your comments! - Our 2nd youtube channel: sweetgarden365 - See more new ideas:  🤍 🤍 - Follow us: Youtube: 🤍 Fanpage: 🤍 Pinterest: 🤍 Website: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Community: 🤍 TikTok: 🤍 - Music By: 🤍 - Contact us: Contact.no1ideas🤍 #ChickenCoop, #No1ideas, #GrowVegetables

This chicken cages in kenya will make you rich


For more info Call us on: +254710959864(Kenya), WEBSITE: 🤍 EMAIL: info🤍 ...Are you a beginner in poultry farming?Check out this video and become an expert.The main benefit of poultry farming is, it doesn’t require high capital for starting. You need just basic capital to start raising poultry. And most of the poultry birds are not costly enough to start raising. Poultry farming doesn’t require a big space unless you are going to start commercially. You can easily raise some birds on your own backyard with one or numerous coops or cages. So, if you are interested in poultry farming, then you can easily do it on your own backyard with several birds. Commercial poultry farming business also ensure high return of investment within a very short period. Poultry farm structures do not require high maintenance. In most cases, you don’t need any license. Because almost all types of poultry birds are domestic. Although, if you need license from the relevant authority it is also easy for poultry. Marketing poultry products is very easy. There is an established market for poultry products in almost all places of the world. So, you don’t have to think about marketing your products. You can easily sell the products in your nearest local market. Poultry farming creates income and employment opportunities for the people. Unemployed educated youth can easily create a great income and employment opportunity for them by raising poultry commercially. Women and students can also do this business along with their daily activities. Almost all bank approve loans for this types of business venture. So, if you want to start this business commercially, then you can apply for loans to your local banks.For more info .Click 🤍

4 Amazing Ways To Make Chicken Cage at Your Home | DIY Birds Cages Ideas


Easy methods to make simple birds cages at your home . . . Thank you for watching... Checkout New Birds Cage Ideas 1. 🤍 2. 🤍 Checkout New Pigeon Cage Ideas 1. 🤍 2. 🤍 Checkout New Chicken Cage Ideas 1. 🤍 2. 🤍 3. 🤍 4. 🤍 5. 🤍 6. 🤍 7. 🤍 8. 🤍 9. 🤍 10.🤍 Easy Rabbit Cage Idea 1. 🤍 2. 🤍 Thank you for watching...! #cage_ideas #coop

Layer Poultry Cage Installation


Is it easy to install the layer chicken cages? WhatsApp +86 155 3717 9350 Email ends97🤍

How To Build A Chicken Coop Run | DIY


Find downloadable plans to build The Run: 🤍 and The Chicken Coop: 🤍 The Massive Chicken Coop: 🤍 Plans for all my projects here: 🤍 Recently I built a chicken coop for my birds. And today Im showing you how I built a run for my coop. This is an easy addition to my coop. My birds mostly roam free on my property. But in the rare chance that they can't, I'm glad to have a little outdoor space for them that is protected. Things I Used in This Project: ISOtunes Bluetooth Hearing Protection: 🤍 Miter Saw Stand: 🤍 Titebond III: 🤍 Framing Nailer: 🤍 Pneumatic stapler: 🤍 Bessey KliKlamps: 🤍 Cut Off Saw: 🤍 Hardware Cloth: 🤍 Armor Tool Moblie Workbench: 🤍 Poultry Drinking Machine Cups: 🤍 Barrel Bolts: 🤍 Subscribe: 🤍 | Website: 🤍 Watch the newest videos: 🤍 Watch more videos! Shop Projects: 🤍 Outdoor Projects: 🤍 Most Popular: 🤍 Website: 🤍 Patreon: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Manufacturing and retail site: 🤍 Welcome to the official April Wilkerson YouTube channel! I’m April and I’m the creator of Wilker Do’s. I am an obsessed DIYer and Woodworker. I'm not professional or have any training, so I just pick the project I want to tackle and figure it out step by step. On this channel you will find a variety of content like DIY home improvement, How-To’s, construction, design and more! #AprilWilkerson #chickencoop #diy

DIY CHICKEN CAGE/Rustine jacob and mommy vlog


Recycled parts of chicken cage

How to DIY cheap chicken cage from iron barrel and wood for my wife


Since chicks are small and weak, raising chicks is different to chicken or hen. Today we will make a cage for the chicks. Hope that the chicks will grow well. Watch the full video and learn how to DIY a unique cage for the chicks at home. Materials: wood sticks, screws, paintbrush, electric cutting machine, hinge, latch, door knob. Paint color: blue, light blue - Please press Subscribe to update the latest videos and leave your comments! - Our 2nd youtube channel: 🤍 - See more new ideas: 🤍 🤍 - Follow us: Youtube: 🤍 Fanpage: 🤍 Pinterest: 🤍 Website: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Community: 🤍 Tiktok: 🤍 - Music By: 🤍 - Contact us: Contact.no1ideas🤍 #ChickenCage #No1ideas, #ChickenCoop

Chicken Coop Build - Now Complete [pt2]


My Premier Project Plans: 🤍 My Free Plans: 🤍 Makers Mob Father’s Day Sale: 🤍 In my latest woodworking project, watch along as I show you how to build a chicken coop. As I finish up the chicken coop’s frame and roof, it’s then time to add the hen house, feeder, watering system and the finishing touches. Overall I think that this chicken coop definitely does the trick, the chickens are safe and well cared for, and the coop should last for many years. As always I'm happy to answer any questions. If you would like to support this channel you can do so here 🤍 You can also help me out by purchasing one of my shirts, you can find them here 🤍 Check out my new website 🤍 Check out my Instagram to see more of my work 🤍 Also you can check out my photography at my website (nothing to do with making but you may be interested in what I do)🤍 M email can be found in the about section of this channel. For real mail, Pask Makes P.O BOX 768 Yandina Queensland 4561 Australia

How to Build a Backyard Chicken Coop | DIY Chicken Coop


How to Build a Backyard Chicken Coop | DIY Chicken Coop #WoodworkingSkill Do you have an idea, a project to work on or a proposal? Please leave a comment below. We will do it for you. ★Thank for watching! ★Please like, share, and subscribe our Channel here : 🤍

DIY Low Cost & Portable Chicken Cage


Let me share with you the low-cost and portable chicken cage that we made using old materials from our vegetable garden. Letting our chickens eat grass and roam around is a good way to keep them healthy and live in their "natural" habitat. So we decided to create our low-cost chicken cage to do just that! And they loved it!!! And once they are done in that particular area, we can transfer the cage again to give them access to fresh grasses! So join us in this video and discover how we made our chicken cage so they can freely eat grass! SCREEN USED IN THE CAGE: Price of 1 Roll: P1,700 Size: 4 feet height by 25 meters long *ABOUT THIS CHANNEL* After working for a multi-national corporation for 7 years, I wanted to be my own boss and have more time with my family. So back in 2007, I took the leap and become a full-time entrepreneur. Since then, I've enjoyed the roller coaster life of being an entrepreneur and helped many aspiring entrepreneurs start their own business as well. Now, in my quest to further simplify our life, I'm taking a leap again... But this time around, from an entrepreneur to a farmer! So join me in this journey as I escape the hustle and bustle of city life and enjoy a simpler life in our safe haven, the iNest!

My father DIY 2in1 chicken coop run to raise chicken and grow organic vegetables


Green life is the lifestyle which we aim to achieve.  To make it, we begin with a DIY chicken coop run to raise chicken and grow organic vegetables at home. Moreover, with this way, each member in our family can assist in making it and increase awareness of protecting earth. Watch the full video and learn  how to DIY chicken coop run combined with growing organic vegetables at home. Materials: staple gun, screw, plastic bottles, electric cutting machine, electric drilling machine, wood sticks, wood slats, welded wire mesh, metal roof - Please press Subscribe to update the latest videos and leave your comments! - Our 2nd youtube channel: 🤍 - See more new ideas:  🤍 🤍 - Follow us: Youtube: 🤍 Fanpage: 🤍 Pinterest: 🤍 Website: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Community: 🤍 TikTok: 🤍 - Music By: 🤍 - Contact us: Contact.no1ideas🤍 #ChickenCoop, #No1ideas, #OrganicVegetables

How to make chicken coop at home | The low cost chicken coop idea


The urban space is narrow but you want to raise chicken to have organic food for your family. You can refer to our chicken coop design. It’s not only small, convenient but also beautiful. Moreover, it’s cheap and everyone can do it. Watch the full video and learn how to make a convenient chicken coop for your home. Materials: wood stick, screw, wood bar, nailing machine, welded wire mesh, electric cutting machine, paintbrush, tarpaulin, small door knob, hinges. Paint: wood primer, blue - Please press Subscribe to update the latest videos and leave your comments! - Our 2nd youtube channel: 🤍 - See more new ideas:  🤍 🤍 - Follow us: Youtube: 🤍 Fanpage: 🤍 Pinterest: 🤍 Website: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Community: 🤍 TikTok: 🤍 - Music By: 🤍 - Contact us: Contact.no1ideas🤍 #MakeChickenCoop, #No1ideas, #ChickenCoop

Part 1: How to make chicken cage/ coop / Paano gumawa ng chicken cage / Philippines


You may also watch the part 2 of the finished product. Part 2: How to make chicken cage/ coop / Paano gumawa ng chicken cage / Philippines 🤍 Don't Forget to subscribe and click the notification bell for more videos. Thank You for watching!!! Also watch: How to make powerful slingshot 🤍 How to make your own spear 🤍 Amazing diy Feeder for chickens / birds using scrap materials / Easy DIY Feeder / PH🤍 First Vlog ni JUAN TV - Pagpapakain ng alagang pato at manok gamit ang sikretong patuka🤍 Tilapia Fingerlings galing sa Department of Agriculture | Juan Tv 🤍 Paano gumawa ng Brooding Cage NO COST / Scrap Materials / JUAN TV / Philippines 🤍 chicken cage design, chicken cage ideas, chicken cage bamboo, chicken cage making wood, chicken cage making, chicken cage diy, chicken cage philippines, chicken cage design bamboo, chicken cage assembly, chicken cage at home, chicken cage making at home, a type chicken cage, chicken cage build, chicken cage box, chicken cage cleaning, chicken cage coop, chicken cage construction, low cost chicken cage, craft village chicken cage, chicken cage design philippines, chicken cage design some ideas, chicken cage design for home, chicken cage door making, chicken cage easy, chicken cage equipment, chicken cage for home, chicken cage farm, chicken cage how to make, chicken cage homemade, chicken cage home, chicken cage house, chicken cage installation, chicken cage low cost, chicken cage making tools, cage of chicken, chicken cage price, chicken cage setup, chicken cage simple, chicken cage small, chicken cage wood, how to make chicken cage at home, how to make chicken cage using bamboo, how to make chicken cage for laying eggs, how to make chicken cage with net, how to make chicken cage bamboo, how to make chicken cage at home easy, how to make chicken cages for layers, how to make hitech chicken cage at home, how to make layer chicken cage at home, how to make layer chicken cage bamboo, how to make chicken cage door, how to make chicken cages, how to make chicken cage using wood, how to make chicken cage with bamboo, how to make chicken cage with wood,

Building a budget chicken coop


Building a budget chicken coop using reclaimed materials. Our Website is: 🤍 Our Doterra Site : Get 2 months free Skillshare with this link : 🤍

Layer Chicken Cage Design and Modern Layer Breeding Technology - Layer Farming in China


H Type battery cages for layers, Automatic Chicken Cage Material: high quality Q235 wire ,never sink or distortion; Service life:15-20 years; Design: customized to suit various chicken farm requirements and ensure each bird has enough space; Advantage: 1. Simple and reliable technical design; 2. Unique structure, save time and effort; 3. Mature galvanizing process; Long service life 4. Convenient operation and simple maintenance; 👉WhatsApp: 🤍 👉Email: info🤍 🙂Message for prices if interested🙂 We hope you enjoy this review of H Type Automatic Chicken Cage! 📌SUBSCRIBE: 🤍 📘 FACEBOOK: 🤍 🎬YOUTUBE: 🤍 See below for a full list of acknowledgment: -_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_- Contact Information: Tel: +86 371 5517 0327 Phone/WhatApp: +86 18137822989 Email: info🤍 Official Website: 🤍 Our Products Website: #SheepCattle: 🤍 #ChickenCage: 🤍 #FarmingEquipments: 🤍 -_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_- We have been specialized in farming equipment for 15 years, We hope #GreatFarm can help you! #LayerFarming #ChickenCage #ChickenFarmDesign #PigFarmDesign #PigRaisingEquipment #CattleFarming #SheepFarming #VeterinarySonarScanner #ArtificialInseminationEquipment

ഇത്രേം സൗകര്യങ്ങൾ ഉള്ള കോഴിക്കൂട് കണ്ടിട്ടുണ്ടോ?HiTech cage| KozhikkoodKerala |Poultry cage Newmodel


☑️20 nosകൂട് + back sheet + Roof = 15000 ☑️20 nos കൂട്+ Tray +back sheet= 16500 ☑️20 nos കൂട് + Tray + back sheet + Locking Center Partition = 17000 ☑️Delivery charge (TA) = 1000/- All kerala or = km/30 Ladder = 500 / - extra ☑️for Booking and Enquiry Fly well Poultry acessories Palakkal Thrissur ☑️☎️ Ph: 7736 773720 ( 10 am - 6 pm ) ( mon - Sat) 😍🙏

Hitech chicken cage | ഇനി കൂടുതൽ ദൂരത്തേക്ക് വീട്ടിൽ എത്തിച്ച് കൊടുക്കും | Malayalam


Hitech chicken cage | ഇനി കൂടുതൽ ദൂരത്തേക്ക് വീട്ടിൽ എത്തിച്ച് കൊടുക്കും | Malayalam Contact : 8589889444 Sanal (Whatsapp)✅ hitech kozhikoodu making malayalam hitech kozhikoodu making hitech kozhikoodu thrissur hitech kozhikoodu price Hitech chicken cage malayalam chicken cage making malayalam chicken cage design chicken cage making wood chicken cage making low cost chicken cage ideas chicken cage at home chicken cage bamboo broiler chicken cage low budget chicken cage cheapest chicken cage #WanderingKeralite #Hitech #cage #malayalam #chicken #hen

how to make a bangkok rooster cage indoors


amazing the way this man builds a chicken coop in this video I want to share how to make a 4 door chicken coop from wood, bamboo and plywood, please help subscribe to this channel, brother 🙏🙏 how to make a bangkok rooster cage indoors how to make a 4 door chicken coop 4 bedroom bangkok chicken coop #chicken #cage



#chickencoop #DIY #chickentractor To order your manual, click this link now! 🤍 Visit our website at Thank you so much for checking out this video! Mobile Chickens is a local business located in a small town of Ridgefield, Wa. If you would like to order a chicken coop, or a manual on how to build it, please email me at coops🤍 Look forward to hearing from you!

How to build a chicken coop


DIY Expert Craig Phillips show you how to easily build a Chicken Coop from reclaimed wood. This great DIY project uses recycled wood to create a comfortable and practical chicken coop complete with nesting boxes and easy access for cleaning and egg collection. Tools used in this project include track saw, jig saw, drill drivers and clamps. 0:00 Intro And Tools You'll Need 1:36 Side Wall Construction 4:49 Back Wall Construction 5:38 Side and Back Assembly 7:55 Making The Rear Hatch 9:30 Front Section 11:17 Cutting Out Holes For The Nesting Boxes 13:06 Adding A Base To The Main Body 14:56 Making And Attaching Legs 18:27 Constructing The Nesting Boxes 21:48 Attaching The Nesting Boxes 22:58 Cutting And Adding Nesting Box Dividers 23:50 Making And Fixing The Hinged Roofs 26:00 Adding A Latch To The Rear Hatch 26:45 Making A Ramp And A Door 29:55 Completed Project SUBSCRIBE: 🤍 INSTAGRAM: 🤍 TWITTER: 🤍 FACEBOOK: 🤍 BUY THE TOOLS: 🤍 Silverline Tools How To videos are for reference purposes only. Undertaking these projects is entirely at your own risk. Read safety instructions before operating any power tools and always wear appropriate protection.

100 Chicken Coop Ideas



How to Build a Chicken Coop\Cage Setup


Hi everyone,this is a channel i created this chanal to make video sharing,farming, growing vegetables,other general crops to people around the wold,To educate them and to love them for cultivation and naturalization. #reandam#reanfeed#ប៊ុមថា ធ្វេីចំណីបំប៉នមាន់: 🤍 ចំណីមាន់សម្រាប់បំប៉នពេលល្ងាច: 🤍 Chicken feed grinding machine ម៉ាសុីនកិនចំណី 🤍

PawHut Metal Chicken Cage for 6-8 Chickens


Galvanized metal frame with water/UV resistant cover, this PawHut outdoor chicken cage run is solid, rust-resistant, built to last, suitable for 6-8 chickens.

Build your own Portable Poultry Coop!


This video shows an overview of the PortaPen build. I did this for a zoom presentation on Permaculture that I was part of recently. Here is a link to our DIY plan if you would like a more detailed explanation... 🤍

How Do You Make Chicks Cage at Home \\ Tyre Chicken Cages \\ DIY Birds Cage || 3MB Vlogs


How Do You Make Chicks Cage at Home \\ Tyre Chicken Cages \\ DIY Birds Cage || 3MB Vlogs Hello Friends, In this video you will be seen tyre chickens cage. This cages make from tyre & wood. I hope you enjoy this beautiful cage design. Thank you so much for watching my video. Please like, share, comment and subscribe to see more videos update. Thank you! Solved Queries In This Video: 1. How To Make A Chicken Cage 2. Make Wooden Chicken Cage 3. How To Make A Chicken Coop 4. Make Chicken Cage 5. Raising Chickens 6. DIY Chicken Coop Run 7. Chicken Coop DIY 8. Chicken Coop Build ………………………………………………………………… Our Social Links - Facebook - Pinterest - 🤍 #tyrecage #chickscoop #diycage PS: Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE 3MB Vlogs for more Trusted & Awesome videos.

The CHEAPEST and EASIEST Chicken Coop You Can Make!


Learn how to make an easy, cheap chicken coop. For CONSULTATION and PARTNERSHIPS: farmupafrica🤍 To Donate/Support the Farm: Patreon: 🤍 For more videos on poultry farming,  check out this playlist 🤍 My social media pages. Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 DISCLAIMER: Links included in the description might be affiliate links. If you purchase a product with the links that I provide, I might receive a small commission. There is no additional charge to you. Thank you for supporting my channel so I can continue to provide you with free content each week. #farmup #chickencoop #chickenfarming



Backyard chicken coops are popping up everywhere! If the idea of raising chickens has piqued your interest, but the thought of building your own chicken coop seems overwhelming or too expensive, you’ve come to the right place. We promise: It's easier than you think to build a home for your flock. Check out these real life DIY chicken coops for fun and easy chicken coop ideas, plus simple step-by-step tutorials, and even chicken coop plans you can buy. From small to large coops, rustic barn-shaped coops to pretty cottage-style coops, these chicken houses offer tons of chicken coop inspiration. As you’re designing your dream coop, remember, no matter the style or size, every chicken coop needs to include basic essentials such as nesting boxes, a roosting bar, and a feeder and waterer to ensure your flock stays happy and healthy. If you have the space, consider adding an enclosed run to give your hens a spot to stretch their legs while staying protected from predators. Design details like hinged lids will give your coop character and easy function, while your choice of paint color or features such as shutters or a salvaged door can help match it to the overall design of your own house. Kulungan ng manok DAY 1 🤍 kulungan ng manok DAY 2 🤍 Kulungan ng manok DAY 3 🤍 Kulungan ng manok DAY 4 🤍 Kulungan ng manokn DAY 5 🤍

Backyard chickens - Chicken coop tour- Easy to clean


I created free plans to a similar, smaller coop and a detailed video of how to create it. The plans: 🤍 The video: 🤍 In this video I will take you on a tour of my easy maintenance chicken coop. Please give it a thumbs up if it was helpful! I will try to answer any questions if you have them. Thanks! Eric _ FAQ 1) How much did this cost to build? *Total, i would say we put close to 1000 into the coop, but that includes things like the watering buckets, PVC pipe, and the feed dispenser. Construction stuff has gotten so expensive! Part of the issue was the size i chose for the coop (5 X 6) which meant a significant amount of waste (plywood sheets are 4X8. If you would do a 4X4 coop, you could probably cut that number in half. Get your hinges at harbor freight and see if you can find a cheap window at a shed supply place. Also, the black wire i used for the run was quite a bit more than economy stuff but i liked it more. 2) Would I change anything about the way this was built? * In hindsight, yes, I would. a) After I created this video I had to relocate the water bucket because the chickens got too tall to use it. If the coop had been 2 or 3 inches higher off the ground it woulda worked out okay. b) Also, I am 6'5" tall, and I wish the run were at least that tall. It makes for some back breaking work to walk around in there as it is now. c) I know many people say ya don't need to heat a coop, but this one is very big for the number of birds that I have so their body heat alone is not able to keep it warm on these cold nights. (I'd add more chickens but the run is the right size for this number of birds). All that to say, I wish I had done one of two things...insulated the coop with some foam or designed it so that I could put a temporary winter wall in the inside (reducing the size of their sleeping area and making it easier for them to keep it warmer with their body heat alone). Did that make any sense?? 3) Why the sand? *I realize sand isn't as nice for the chickens as grass, but the grass was gone about two days after putting the chickens in the run...and then I had mud (which, in this part of Pennsylvania is slow draining). I felt like like sand would at least cut down on the mud and help keep their feet a little dryer. The sand is probably 2 or 3 inches deep, and they seem to churn it up enough that smell hasn't been a real issue. I did dig out and replace all the sand once in the last 8 months. 4) Do I have blueprints of what I did here? *No, I kinda had a vague idea of what I wanted to do and made it up as I went. But enough people have asked me for them that I am trying to get those together for you all by spring. Subscribe and stay tuned and you will be the first to see them when they are done! 5) How many eggs do you get? *These are golden comet chickens, and I am blown away by the number of eggs they have been producing. I have 7 chickens and I very rarely have a day when we don't get 7 eggs. I expect that they have got to slow down for the winter (I live in Pennsylvania), but I've been saying that for a number of weeks now!? It's now January 7th. 6) How easy is it to care for chickens? *In the spring, summer, and fall caring for the chickens was a lot easier than I expected it would be. In the winter there is an added challenge if you live somewhere its cold, because you gotta make sure the water doesn't freeze. I have my hose put away for the winter so i gotta walk the water out there. I now have bins under the roosts where I collect their droppings and that cuts down on how often I need to clean out all the bedding. You'll probably want to empty those bins once a week and clean out the whole coop once a month or so. Other than that, collect the eggs, give them food and fresh water. With this setup, and an additional water bucket I can go away for 5 days at a time without worrying too much about them. I just arrange for neighbors to pick up the eggs (which they don't seem to mind if it means free eggs) If you start trying to pack too many birds into a small coop/ run, that's where you might run into more problems with the birds not getting along well. This could mean isolating birds and treating sores; I avoided all that by giving them plenty of space. Thanks for the thumbs up everyone! If this was helpful and you haven't given it a thumbs up yet I would appreciate it.

How to make Home made Poultry Cage


ABOUT THE VIDEO: This Poultry cage was made of waste materials, It is very easy and simple also very useful for our home poultry farm, It is very Comfortable for our ducklings, chicks, rabbits, quail birds etc. If you wish to make then you can do it without any difficulties. #cage #poultrycage #hitechpoultrycage #ducklingcage #chickscage #simplecage #birdcage #murgipalan #CageSystem #LayerFarming #ege #EgeChicken

How I keep 200 Chicken in a Small space#chicken coop


Our Small Backyard Chicken Coup. The chicken coup gave an ultimate experience inchicken keeping,almost hands free space efficient,easy maintainance and clean.this was adream come true. To join the watsapp group click here. 🤍 see my review video here. 🤍 #chicken coop #backyard chickens #how to build a chicken coop #science #chicken coop ideas #chicken coop build #chicken coop run #building a chicken coop #diy chicken coop run #building chicken coop #chicken coop features #chicken coops designs #homemade chicken coop #backyard chicken coop #easy chicken coop

chicken cage design | bakal na tangkal ng manok panabong


matibay at murang tangkal ng manok panabong, gawa sa steel matting.

Caught in the Pouring Rain - Building My Modern Chicken Coop Part 2


Part 2 of my DIY minimalist chicken coop build using reclaimed material. This build is perfect for a flock of about 12 birds to live comfortable with plenty of shelter from the elements. In this video I build the coop flooring, roof and siding. This design reuses and recycles a lot of reclaimed materials, keeping our chicken coop build environmentally conscious and budget friendly. Watch part 1 here: 🤍 Watch part 3 here: 🤍



Lets build a cheap and easy diy chicken coop!! We needed a bigger coop and I wasn't about to spend thousands of dollars on a large coop. This is what we came up with! Here is a video on the ventilation we added to this coop! 🤍 If you'd like to see how we made the sliding chicken door, you can watch that here! 🤍 If you would like to see a pre fabricated line of chicken coops that are extremely easy to build, check out this video here! 🤍 Check out our website! As an Affiliate, I earn from qualifying purchases at no extra cost to you! Gear I use: Grow Tent - 🤍 Grow Lights - 🤍 Hydro Nutrients - 🤍 1020 Trays - 🤍 Seed starting trays - 🤍 Seedling pots - 🤍 Let me know if I am forgetting anything! If you'd like to support the channel, you can do that here! Or do your everyday amazon shopping here! - 🤍 Join us on social media!🤍Whitepepperfarms Contact email Brandon🤍 Sound effects by

Poultry farming with modern facilities (Furnished cage)


Poultry farming is the process of raising domesticated birds such as chickens, ducks, turkeys and geese for the purpose of farming meat or eggs for food. Poultry - mostly chickens - are farmed in great numbers. Farmers raise more than 50 billion chickens annually as a source of food, both for their meat and for their eggs. Chickens raised for eggs are usually called layers while chickens raised for meat are often called broilers. Egg-laying chickens - basic systems Commercial hens usually begin laying eggs at 16–20 weeks of age, although production gradually declines soon after from approximately 25 weeks of age. This means that in many countries, by approximately 72 weeks of age, flocks are considered economically unviable and are slaughtered after approximately 12 months of egg production, although chickens will naturally live for 6 or more years. In some countries, hens are force moulted to re-invigorate egg-laying. Environmental conditions are often automatically controlled in egg-laying systems. For example, the duration of the light phase is initially increased to prompt the beginning of egg-laying at 16–20 weeks of age and then mimics summer day length which stimulates the hens to continue laying eggs all year round Normally, egg production occurs only in the warmer months. Some commercial breeds of hen can produce over 300 eggs a year. The cages usually made of metal in modern systems, housing 3 to 8 hens. The walls are made of either solid metal or mesh, and the floor is sloped wire mesh to allow the feces to drop through and eggs can collect latter. Water is usually provided by overhead nipple systems, and food in a trough along the front of the cage replenished at regular intervals as per the requirements. Battery cages are arranged in long rows as multiple tiers, often with cages back-to-back (hence the term). Within a single barn, there may be several floors containing battery cages meaning that a single shed may contain many tens of thousands of hens. Light intensity is often kept low (e.g. 10 lux) to reduce feather pecking and vent pecking. Benefits of battery cages include easier care for the birds, Floor-laid eggs (which are expensive to collect) are eliminated, eggs are cleaner, and capture at the end of lay is expedited, Generally less feed is required to produce eggs, Broodiness is eliminated, more hens may be housed in a given house floor space, Internal parasites are more easily treated, and labor requirements are generally much reduced. In farms using cages for egg production, There are more birds per unit area; this allows for greater productivity and lower food costs. Floor space ranges upwards from 300 cm2 per hen. EU standards in 2003 called for at least 550 cm2 per hen. The space available to battery hens has often been described as less than the size of a piece of A4 paper. Animal welfare scientists have been critical of battery cages because they do not provide hens with sufficient space to stand, walk, flap their wings, perch, or make a nest, and it is widely considered that hens suffer through boredom and frustration through being unable to perform these behaviors. This can lead to a wide range of abnormal behaviors, some of which are injurious to the hens or their cage mates. Furnished Cage Method: Furnished cage method is a developed version of battery cage system. In this system the hens get more spaces and facilities than battery cage system. A furnished cage for hens should contain sufficient space for walk, perch, flap their wings, nest, special feed and water pot etc. Highlights of Method It is very easy to care for the birds. Very easy to collect eggs. Cleaner eggs. Requires less feed to produce eggs. Thousands of hens may be housed in a specific floor space of the house. The birds suffer less by internal parasites. Labor cost is very low. For More Details Visit Our Location: Smart Micro Business Development 2nd Floor, City Center Building, Nileshwar, Kasaragod District, Kerala, India

Amazing Idea To Make Chicken Cage Using Iron And Iron Net | How To Make Chicken Cage


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poultry farming house equipment for broiler chicken farm - RETECH Farming


poultry farming house equipment for broiler chicken farm Contact Us Website: 🤍 Add :Chengyang District,Qingdao City,China. Phone : 86-532-87682898 Fax : 0532-87759096 Whatsapp: +8618561818859 E-mail : admin🤍 Linkedin: 🤍retechfarmingchickencage Facebook: 🤍retechfarmingchickencage About Us *Professional poultry equipment manufacturer *Professional equipment producing *Experienced consultant Contact Us you will free get the following benefits: *Free project design *Different alternative solutions *One-stop platform purchase supporting animal husbandry equipment *Solve your raising problem *Poultry farm equipment online brochure Main Produsts: 1, Layer Chicken Cage 🤍 2, Broiler Chicken Cage 🤍 3, Pullet Chicken Cage 🤍 4, Breeder Chicken Cage 🤍 5, Turnkey Solutions 🤍 6, And More ... ... #RetechFarming #retech #ChickenCage #PoultryEquipment #PoultryCage #ChickenEquipment #BatteryCage #PoultryHouse #PoultryFarmEquipment #PoultryFarm #ChickenFarm

DiResta's Cut: Chicken Coop


Here’s a problem we didn’t expect Jimmy DiResta to have: Needing to house fast-growing chickens. The chicks he and girlfriend Taylor recently acquired to populate their upstate farm have rapidly grown into chickens, and they’re getting too big to live in the house. Solution? Build them a chicken coop. A predator-proof chicken coop, naturally. The flightless birds will require a fox-proof dwelling, so Taylor designs one, then Jimmy builds it, using a time-saving stacking method to keep the framing square. (By the bye if you’re wondering why the camera angle looks odd when he’s up on the roof, it’s because with both hands occupied, Jimmy had to hold the camera in his mouth.)

How Do You Make Chickens Cage From Bricks & Cement \\ Homemade Concrete Cages \\ 3MB Vlogs


How Do You Make Chickens Cage From Bricks & Cement \\ Homemade Concrete Cages \\ 3MB Vlogs Hello Friends, In this video you will be seen bricks chickens cage. This cages have good ventilation system. I hope you enjoy this beautiful cage design. Thank you so much for watching my video. Please like, share, comment and subscribe to see more videos update. Thank you! Solved Queries In This Video: 1. How To Make A Chicken Cage 2. Make Wooden Chicken Cage 3. How To Make A Chicken Coop 4. Make Chicken Cage 5. Raising Chickens 6. DIY Chicken Coop Run 7. Chicken Coop DIY 8. Chicken Coop Build ………………………………………………………………… Our Social Links - Facebook - Pinterest - 🤍 #chickenscoop #brickscage #diycage PS: Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE 3MB Vlogs for more Trusted & Awesome videos.

How to Build a Chicken Coop | Build It | Ask This Old House


Ask This Old House general contractor Tom Silva creates a backyard chicken coop for a homeowner in Connecticut in Build It (See below for steps.) SUBSCRIBE to This Old House: 🤍 Steps for How to Build a Chicken Coop: 1. Stain the sheets of T1-11 and allow to dry. 2. Place two sheets of T1-11 on top of each other and ensure they are even on all sides. Use a track saw to cut the roofline of the plywood at a 45-degree angle on both sheets at once. 3. Remove one sheet and then, using a jigsaw, cut a small square opening for the sliding coop door into a plywood sheet. For all the doors, the cutouts will later be reattached as the door. 4. On the next sheet, cut an opening for the small entrance door, using the jigsaw. 5. Cut a third sheet of T1-11 to form the side walls. On one of them, cut a large opening for the egg door, using a jigsaw. The other side wall will remain uncut. 6. Cut two of the 4x4 posts to the desired length, then match the angle of the roof using a miter saw for both steps. 7. Use a driver to drive in 1 5/8-inch ceramic screws to attach the posts to the plywood sheeting. 8. Use a piece of 2x4 at the bottom and the top of the coop to give it additional support. Attach these using ceramic screws, and fasten them using a driver. 9. Construct the opposite gable end, repeating the same steps. 10. Connect the two gable ends using 2x4s, and attach one of the side walls. 11. To form the rafters, screw in a 2x4 ridge beam and 2x4 purlins (parallel roof framing), using a driver and 3-inch ceramic screws. 12. Finish the framing by attaching additional 2x4s to the base of the front and back gable walls, using 3-inch ceramic screws. 13. Then, attach two more perpendicular 2x4 joists to form the floor support for the coop with 3-inch ceramic screws 14. To form the floor, use the _-inch exterior plywood and cut out the corners to match the posts using a jigsaw. 15. Fasten the plywood floor by driving 1 5/8-inch screws into the floor joists. 16. Attach the cutout door pieces to the plywood exterior sheets of the structure using hardware of your choice. Do this by driving provided screws into the hardware. 17. Attach the chicken door by threading a rope through a pulley at the top of the door. Then attach the rope to an eyelet on the chicken door. The other end of the rope should be linked to a hook at the opposite end. A track for the door can be made using scrap wood. 18. Attach the final side wall using 1 5/8-inch ceramic screws. 19. Build a nesting box to your desired dimensions using plywood and 2x4s. 20. Cut cellular PVC trim boards to match the angles of the coop, using a miter saw. 21. Attach the PVC trim boards to the exterior of the coop using a hammer and stainless-steel trim nails. 22. Attach _-inch plywood roof sheathing to the roof structure using a driver and 1 5/8-inch ceramic screws. 23. Lay down a layer of felt paper, and staple in place. 24. Using a hammer and roofing nails, attach the asphalt shingles with a 5-inch reveal to the roof sheathing. 25. Attach 4x4 posts of the coop to a beveled base using a driver and ceramic screws. 26. Attach the beveled base to a 2x12 square using a driver and ceramic screws to keep the coop from sinking into the ground. 27. Create a pen area using pressure-treated 2x4s to desired design. Connect the pen structure using driver and ceramic screws. Include an access door for cleaning the pen. 28. Cover the pen with chicken wire by hammering in construction staples. 29. Dig a trench in the outline of the pen at least 3 inches deep, and place the structure in the trench. This is meant to keep predators from crawling in underneath. 30. Attach the pen structure to the coop structure by driving in screws. 31. Place a piece of 2x12 from the coop door to the pen to serve as a ramp for the chickens. Build It: This Old House general contractor Tom Silva, This Old House host Kevin O’Connor, and special guests including Jimmy DiResta, take you through step-by-step DIY projects in this popular video series. From end-tables to cutting boards to wine racks to chicken coops and more, learn how to build from the best pros in the game. Segments include mention of all tools and materials needed to get the job done. Looking for more step by step guidance on how to complete projects around the house? Join This Old House Insider to stream over 1,000 episodes commercial-free. 🤍   Plus, download our app for streaming full episodes to your connected TV, phone or tablet: 🤍 Follow This Old House and Ask This Old House: Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 🤍 Pinterest: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 How to Build a Chicken Coop | Build It | Ask This Old House 🤍

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